SOS is working in cooperation with Naturaland Trust and other partners to develop a demonstration site for agricultural best management practices (BMPs) to control sediment runoff and improve infiltration and soil health in floodplain croplands. The future extension of the Swamp Rabbit Trail bisects the site, situated near Slater-Marietta on the North Saluda River.

 crops grown using best management practices  aerial view


BMPs installed during the first phase of work included:

  • 1,500-foot riparian buffer of native trees, shrubs, and perennial pollinator plants along Railroad Creek, a tributary to the North Saluda River
  • 1,300 feet of rock access roads
  • Sediment basins at drainage ditch outfalls
  • A 600-foot grass swale in primary drainage ditch between the new rock access roads
  • Fall and summer cover crops
“The North Saluda River is an important source of drinking water but is also one of the cradles of locally-sourced food for the Upstate. As our region continues to grow, we will need further access to clean water and healthy local food.” - Mac Stone, Executive Director, Naturaland Trust



IMG 3669            Rosie and trees

Volunteers planted 300 native hardwoods along 1,500 feet next to Railroad Creek, a tributary to the North Saluda River, to enhance the riparian bufffer.


 live stake1           live stake2

 Over 400 live stakes were planted in wetland areas to create a live stake "nursery" for future streambank stabilization projects.


IMG 4290 

Newly installed rock access roads surrounding a ditch where a grass swale will be established.


IMG 4622                          IMG 1714

The new grass swale helps filter sediment from runoff to the river.                 Swale/ditch before.


cereal rye cover            ponds

A cover crop was planted after crops were harvested to help hold soil in place and improve soil health. The sediment ponds catch and filter runoff.


IMG 4918                  aster

Fall pollinators blooming in the newly enhanced riparian area next to the creek.


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