Save Our Saluda (SOS) is a nonprofit watershed organization dedicated to protecting and restoring the Upper Saluda Watershed. We promote clean and sustainable river flows, identify threats facing the river and its tributaries, and seek effective solutions in cooperation with partnering organizations and volunteers.

Our History

Since its founding over a decade ago, SOS has helped to reduce pollution to the Saluda River and increase public awareness of the Upper Saluda Watershed.

  • 2008: organized community opposition to a developer’s plan to discharge wastewater into the North Saluda River in a reach that supports trout, which resulted in a better method of waste treatment through land application.
  • 2014: launched an online interactive watershed map of the Saluda River Watershed to help educate citizens about our watershed and its water resources. 
  • 2015: finalized agreements with Duke Energy and supporting partners for safe removal and storage of over three million tons of toxic coal ash from unlined pits on the banks of the Saluda River at the Lee Steam Station near Williamston. Removal of the coal ash is ongoing.
  • 2016: began working with partners to develop a demonstration site for agricultural best management practices (BMPs) in floodplain croplands.
  • 2017-2018: spearheaded a cooperative planning effort with seventeen partnering organizations to develop a watershed plan for the North Saluda River and Saluda Lake to address sediment runoff.
  • 2019: finalized Watershed Plan for Sediment in the North Saluda River and Saluda Lake; initiated Watershed-Based Plan for Sediment in the South Saluda River; awarded Agricultural 319 Grant to Protect Water Quality in the North Saluda River and Saluda Lake
  • For over ten years, our volunteers have coordinated river cleanups on the South, Middle, and North Saluda Rivers and Saluda Lake.